I’m Ritchie van Daal and this is what I do:

1 Bend the rules
I think outside the box, never take no for an answer and am stubborn. Everything has been done before, but not by me so I might as well figure out how and do it my own way.

2 Realization brings certainty and certainty gives control
I think about everything, reflect on any decision, monitor the results, then plan my next move. Like it’s a military operation.

3 The major sports brands are right: Just do it, impossible is nothing
I build, create, run too hard then fall and get back up stronger. Think your decisions through, but let nothing slow you down or stop you from trying.

4 Pay attention to the rough details
I Read the material, learn the nuances of the techniques, read between the lines. Always pay attention to everything that happens when you do anything. Ever.

5 Question everything
Take nothing for granted, dare to ask, starve for knowledge. Question every sense of established truth to find out the real truth. You are always right, but prove it.

Design to me is a game. A game of finding answers. A game of solving problems.